Clarissa C James
Clarissa C James

Clarissa C James, an exceptional talent

Clarissa C James originates from Austria. She spent her childhood in Munich, Germany. In 1992, following her childhood dream, Clarissa moved to England to work as a designer and sculptor for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

Inspired by the works of G.F.Watts and Edward Burne-Jones Clarissa gradually transitioned to being a full-time painter. Initially, she studied Renaissance and 19th Century drawing techniques in the print rooms of the Victoria & Albert and the British Museum as well as human anatomy at University College Medical School.

Later, she continued her studies in Florence, Italy and with Odd Nerdrum in Norway.

In her quest for beauty, she has also been influenced by Japanese art – especially the gilt screens which became a major influence on her work both in her use of gold leaf and her love for multi-panel compositions.

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    Clarissa enjoys traveling and working in different parts of the world.

    After spending time in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Rome Clarissa’s studio is currently based in London and Salzburg. Recently she has also reintroduced sculpture to her practice.

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