Cindy Lass
Cindy Lass


A former student of the Corona Academy in west London, Cindy left school with an Equity card and aspirations to act. Hand modeling, radio voice-overs, and acting jobs followed, but it was her mother’s request for a painting that led her to turn her hand to art. Beryl Cook, with whom she shares many parallels has been an inspiration. While neither have any formal art training, they both have an enviable ability to paint direct from the heart.

The late Professor Stan Smith, who nominated Cindy to join the Chelsea Arts Club, recognised the integrity in her work and the completeness of her own style, advising her never to take an art class.

Instead, she has spent the last decade producing wonderfully joyful canvases in acrylic and watercolor that make people smile and enrich their lives with all that she represents.

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    Straight from the heart

    If you strip us of our physical looks, our beliefs and everything else

    you will find that we all have the same HEART.

    The same heart pumping to the SAME BEAT…… … All over the world. 

    Cindy Lass.

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    Commission Cindy

    We commissioned Cindy Lass to create a piece of art for our home in Little Venice when she first started painting.  We needed a large painting for our bedroom which overlooked a communal garden.  The painting was based on one of my favourite cover shots from House and Garden magazine, a table set ready for lunch in a beautiful country garden.  The painting ticked all of the boxes.  Cindy succeeded in capturing a moment in time, full of sunshine, vibrant colours and the anticipation of a lovely lunch in the garden with friends.

    Sue Garward

    Cindy. Love u. 

    You are amazing. The art piece you did of Zeuss is over the top.  Everyone is sooo jealous and can’t wait to get their doggies paw traits done. You, my dear, are over the top the way you captured every little quirky detail !!! 

    Love you forever and I can’t thank you enough…  Zeuss is busy signing autographs all day.  He loves it too.  


    Lovely Dash, Fashion Consultant

    I would like to start with the fact that Cindy has been one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. As a person, she is charming caring and gives her time, life, love and art to not only many charities but to many celebrities and with genuine love in her heart.

    When it comes to her painting her enthusiasm and boldness with color and subjects also shows her enthusiasm and true care for nature people and animals.

    I am an avid collector of her art in all subjects and my family is happy her art is hanging in our houses around The Globe.

    Tamar Murray

    The painting has pride of place in our family room which is of course where we all hang out. We love the vibrant colours and how it is a reflection of the garden just outside and it makes us smile every morning when we see it next to the bright yellow Aga! Colour is very important and you clearly understood us when you executed the commission.

    Jane Sofa
    Private Commission
    Private Commission

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