Charlotte Iggulden
Charlotte Iggulden

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Charlotte has been selling original paintings and producing bespoke commissions since aged 15, after which she won the Surrey Art Award for her art project on ‘vanishing cultures.’

She specializes in oil paint, charcoal and pencil in a detailed, realistic style for a variety of subjects, although she enjoys experimenting with different styles and techniques.

She endeavours to paint scenes which connect individuals to one another and to their environment, and has regularly contributed her art to conservation charities. Having studied English Literature at University, she now also enjoys writing an art blog, covering the many subjects that influence her art.

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    Snow Drops

    As an artist and art blogger, she is passionate about nature, design and humanity, holding to the mantra that ‘only love can save the world.’ Song of Songs 4:7.

    Charlotte continues to produce bespoke commissions, as well as exhibit in galleries and fairs nationally and internationally. Her artwork is held in both private and public collections worldwide.

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    “I am a keen surfer and love being by the sea. When Charlotte asked me what I would like my painting to be of, I knew immediately that I wanted it to be of the sea. I regularly go down to Cornwall to surf and so was thrilled when she unveiled her painting of a beach I like to go to. I have it in my flat opposite the patio doors so that when the sun sets, the warm light comes through the doors and illuminates the painting, so that it looks like I am actually looking at the beach. The way she has captured the reflections of light on the shallow water is amazing, I absolutely love it.”

    Thomas Parrott, Technical Director

    Having known Charlotte for 30years, I have followed her studies and career with much interest. I have followed her on Instagram for sometime and have observed her ever developing talent and attention to detail. It was because of this that she was the obvious choice to commission for an oil painting of our much loved cat Rosie. The resulting painting is instantly recognizable. She has captured Rosie’s expression, eyes and character. She managed to achieve this from a few photographs that I presented her with. I would happily commission her again and without hesitation recommend her.

    Elaine, Dental Hygienist
    RosiePrivate Commission

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