An exclusive interview with Darren Baker the co-founder of “Art London Dubai”

As the world of art collides with the online realm, the boundaries become blurry and the possibilities endless. None know this better than the Founders of Art London Dubai the brand new online gallery launched by the highly celebrated artist Darren Baker and  Dubai based entrepreneur Jason Cook. This platform is the ultimate destination for art lovers of the region looking for an eclectic, mesmerizing selection of original art and limited-edition prints from some of the worlds most talented artists.

Art London Dubai has launched with an impressive selection of UK based artists including celebrity painter David Harper, the incredibly talented Clarissa C James and the inspirational Cindy Lass, to name just a few. Visitors to the site will discover an array of Fine Art, Equine Art, Polo Art, Urban Art and much more to suit a variety of budgets.

To learn more about this incredible initiative, I got a one on one with the man of the hour himself, the amazingly talented artist Darren Baker.

Darren Baker

What inspired this collaboration between you and Jason?

We have known each other for a long time, Jason started collecting my work 15 years ago. We met at a London event where I was exhibiting my work. We clicked, both of us having the Yorkshire connection!

It was Jason’s initial idea for the online gallery as he saw a gap for artists in Dubai, offering artwork other than purely Arabic themed and inspired.

His expertise with finance and digital media and websites, combined with my knowledge and love of art seems a great fit for this enterprise.

Would this platform mean opportunities for Dubai based Artists to also explore the UK market? Or is it primarily focusing on bringing UK based Artists to the ME region?

Yes, the crossover between both territories is intended to open up new audiences for both Dubai based and UK based artists.

Through my extensive network and connections with galleries, dealers, and collectors in the UK, we can offer ME based artists great opportunities to exhibit and sell the work. Similarly, via the website, and through creating connections in Dubai, such as the art fair and working with social media influencers, we can market UK artists to a whole new audience.

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